Best Books for Students That Make You Smarter

If you’ve ever heard that reading books make you smarter, well, it is true. Those who read books are more intelligent than those who don’t, and that’s not being mean. Moreover, when you read books that make you smarter, you gain the knowledge you otherwise wouldn’t have if you hadn’t. Therefore, if you’ve not been reading books, 2022 is as good a time as any to start. Therefore, to get you started, we will suggest what books to read to make you smarter.

Are There Free Books to Read That Make You Smarter?

Yes, there are free books to read to make you smarter. You can get free e-books from brilliant authors who have shared their years of experience on pages. You can also get free books that make you smarter from the library.

Libraries have books that promote enhance level intelligence that you can read to get smarter. However, you cannot buy them; you can only loan them. Some libraries let you take their books home and bring them back when you’re done reading. However, some libraries will only let you stay and read and return to the shelf. If you don’t finish the book that day, you can come back the next day or another time to complete it.

Best Books to Make You Smarter

If you’ve decided to join the smart people and start reading, here are five interesting books to make you smarter. But, understand that the list of books that can make you smarter is not limited to this five.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter – Explains the vitality of being financially literate and the wisdom in doing business and building wealth through investments.Rich Dad Poor Dad

Gifted Hands

Written by Ben Carson – This book talks about Ben Carson, the first man to separate Siamese twins. It inspires you for success by talking about how Ben struggled with school but later became the best in his class.Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story: Ben Carson M.D., Cecil Murphey

This Will Make You Smarter

Comprises the thoughts of over 150 brilliant scientists and thinkers. The book answers the question of what scientific concept will improve your thinking ability.This Will Make You Smarter: New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking (Edge Question Series): Brockman, John

Moonwalking with Einstein written by Joshua Foer

This book is fun to read, helps with memory, and teaches you how to help yourself become a better person.Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything: Foer, Joshua

The Moral Animal, written by Robert Wright

This book will make you smarter with its exploration of several aspects of life through evolutionary biology.The Moral Animal : Robert Wright

Fiction Books That Make You Smarter

Fiction books are even more interesting because they appeal to your imagination; they make you dream of the impossible. In addition, they are also books that can make you smarter. Here are five fiction books to read to get smarter:

  1. Beneath a Scarlet Sky written and published by Mark Sullivan Beneath a Scarlet Sky
  2. Salt to the Sea written and published by Ruta Sepetys Ruta Sepetys Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Salt to...
  3. Flight of Dreams by Ariel Lawhon Flight of Dreams: A Novel Lawhon, Ariel
  4. Diamond Head by Cecily Wong Cecilyannwong's DIAMOND HEAD
  5. Romeo and Juliet by William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

How to Read Books to Become Smarter

Getting ourselves out of our comfort zone to read a book is uncomfortable but rewarding. For the book you read to make you smarter, you should read it slowly and carefully. You can read a few chapters of the book per day until you finish reading it. You can also get a notebook and pen to write down salient points that speak to you. You should be able to point to at least one thing each chapter of the book has taught you.

How Often Should You Read Books to Make You Smarter?

You can read books that make you smarter every day; a book a day keeps ignorance away. You may read at least one book per week or per month, as the case may be. Whichever way, you should read for minutes to hours per day. If you’re not used to reading a book, you may find it tough. However, it will get easier as you discipline yourself to get up each day and read.

Does the Internet have Books That Will Make You Smarter?

Yes, the internet has many books to read to become smarter. You have to pay for some, while some are free. Moreover, many of the paperback books you see offline are available as e-books online as well.

In conclusion, one of the ways to get smarter is by reading books. No matter the level of advancements the world attains, books will never lose their relevance. Reading books make you intelligent and smart, and that is the truth.