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Students don’t have it easy in 2022. Besides having to catch up for the missed school time due to the pandemic, they also have to struggle to overcome writer’s block when working on their research papers and assignments. That’s why every student now wants assignment writing services as a helping hand to their studies.

A student might turn to websites like 123helpme.com with the hope of getting top-quality essays. However, such websites are not always the best option. This 123helpme writing review is meant to help you understand what the site offers and why it may not be a suitable academic assignment help for you. Let’s begin.

Service review

The 123helpme.com website visit reveals a website that needs to do more. It’s difficult to understand what features the website offers at first glance due to missing relevant information. Additionally, there is no price list or an online calculator, although we’re unsure whether it would be used here.

The website has no user reviews, history of its expert writers, or instructions on using its services. We believe that writing companies should have websites with relevant information to help customers make informed choices. Sadly, however, 123helpme.com fails here.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of 123HelpMe

  • Vast sample essay library
  • Affordable minimum monthly subscription

Cons Of 123HelpMe

  • Disappointing website experience
  • Lacks clear and critical information
  • It’s challenging to terminate the subscription
  • No writing services offered
  • The website fails to give contact information
  • Poor quality essays
  • No guarantees offered


Perhaps one of the most disappointing parts of the 123helpme.com website is its lack of guarantees. They do not guarantee that the essays downloaded are high quality or plagiarism-free. Their money-back policy does not work because they do not refund money from subscriptions.

The lack of a guarantee or warranty on dissertation writing companies makes customers feel unsafe as they aren’t sure their downloaded essays are high-quality. This made us uncomfortable recommending this service.

Types of services

Contrary to essay writing services, 123helpme.com only offers two types of services; a sample essay library and an online proofreader. Once you sign up, the site offers a vast selection of sample essays suited to high scholars and college-going students. Below are the type of essays they have in their libraries:

  • Critical essays
  • Global warming essays
  • Humanities
  • Nursing essays
  • Psychology essays
  • Sociology essays
  • Ethics
  • Informative essays
  • Description essays

Online reputation

While researching our 123helpme.com dissertation review, we thought we would find positive reviews and ratings; however, this was not the case. 123helpme.com has many negative reviews. Customers complained about the poor quality of the sample essays that were even plagiarized.

Clients tried to get a refund from the company but to no avail. There were also reports of the unsubscribing process being challenging. Another complaint was the lack of contact information on the website. These reports clearly showed that the company does not have skilled writers for their sample essays.

Customer review at 123helpme

How to order process

The ordering process on 123helpme.com is not complicated, but that’s not enough for a writer to smile about. The company sorts their various types of essays using color codes described below:

  • Pale gray essays are free.
  • The purple coded essays are strong undergraduate papers
  • The orange-colored essays are suitable for acceptable for high school study
  • Yellow coded essays are creative essays ideal for both high school and college students
  • The turquoise coded essays are masters level papers and have been edited by 123helpme editors
  • The green-colored essays are the best-done essays

Ordering process at 123HelpMe

Prices & Fees

123helpme.com offers a different kind of pricing due to their various services. They offer subscription services at a rate of $14.95 monthly. However, we must stress that it’s hard to unsubscribe from the service despite the affordable price.

It’s also hard to get your money back if you encounter poor content, a feature any best homework writing service should not have. We feel that such a subscription service may steer people away from the website.

Prices at 123HelpMe

Paper Quality

Another reason the site has a poor rating online is the quality of the sample essays. The complaints raised are mostly on poorly written articles, shallow content, incorrect formatting, or plagiarized content. We advise downloading several papers on the same topic to have enough information for your essay.

Customer Support

While writing this 123helpme.com writing review, we discovered that the site has one of the worst customer support we have seen on any academic service website. Clicking the contact button on the bottom part of the website takes you to a page where you put down your name, email, and query. Their response time is lousy, meaning that they don’t value their customer’s needs first.

Offers and Discounts

Besides poor customer care service, the website does not offer or discount. In addition, 123helpme.com does not have any special events or promotions. If you value deals provided by homework writing services, it is early time you look elsewhere.

Revision and Money Back Policy

Due to the nature and the services of this website, 123helpme.com does not have any revision services. Their money-back policy is also very sketchy as it is nearly impossible to get any form of a refund. We considered this practice a red flag.

Extra Features

The research of our review of 123helpme.com resulted in finding no extra or special features on the website. That’s an indication of a company that values money more than what customers get. Many homework writing reviews will echo our statements.


123helpme.com FAQ section:
What Is 123helpme.com?

123helpme.com is a sample essay website that offers a vast essay resource to students for a fee.

Is 123HelpMe Legit?

123helpme.com offers services far below what they advertise; they are not legit.

Is 123HelpMe Safe?

123helpme.com is not safe because they don’t honor their money-back policy.

Is 123HelpMe Reliable?

No, 123helpme.com does not offer efficient services that obey client deadlines; thus, it is unreliable.

Is 123HelpMe a Scam?

Failure by 123helpme.com to improve services will make it the biggest scam yet to explode.