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Academic paper writing services offered to students are a top priority for many websites that focus on dissertation writing services. Some websites even provide dissertation writing services for your study papers and journals. Unfortunately, some companies will publish a paper they just forwarded to you for their benefit, which risks your academic life; our blog tells it all.

Some will fail to deliver quality papers to their customers and engage in sketchy money practices. One company,, was once regarded as one of the best essay writing services, but each rating is now dropping significantly. This review will focus on the company’s features, what it did wrong, and why you shouldn’t get a subscription from them.

Service review is no stranger to most students, especially college students because it has been around for a while. This is not your typical assignment writing service since the company only provides a database of research papers and journals for a price. However, you wouldn’t notice this when you first visit their website due to how modern it looks.

While the modern feel of the website is appreciated, it lacks crucial information such as how the service works. It also doesn’t look like a site that caters to a serious student. Additionally, the company made several claims, such as having 181 million users or slightly under 30 million papers in their database; some of these stats are difficult to authenticate.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of

  • Vast database of papers
  • Rich academic history

Cons Of

  • Their website looks sloppily done
  • Poor quality research papers
  • Scam-like subscription service
  • Challenging to cancel a subscription
  • There are no guarantees
  • There is no contact information


Writing companies generally have a warranty or guarantee to give customers a sense of security that the service hired will be worth their money. Sadly, there was no guarantee or warranty found on the website when writing this writing review. There is no promise that the papers on this website are genuine and from expert writers.

The lack of guarantees will make clients feel unsafe subscribing to their services. If you prefer hiring services with guarantees like a refund policy, this company is not for you.

Types of services offers services different from other writing companies because they only have a wide selection of journals and research papers. They do, however, have documents on various subjects and topics. Here are some of the papers they have:

  • Dissertation papers
  • Book reviews
  • Medical journals
  • Thesis papers
  • Literature reviews

Research papers

Types of services at

Online reputation

While writing this dissertation review, we searched for the best essay writing reviews and review sites to know what students say about this company. It was challenging at first to find any credible reviews online. However, Quora and Reddit reviews revealed how far the website’s services had deteriorated.

There were few positive reviews regarding the company, with most former clients complaining about how tricky it was to cancel a subscription. Others complained that some of their papers were used without giving them any credit or the papers were outdated. However, many customers reminisced how big of an authority the site was and would like things to go back as they were.

How to order process does not offer assignment help; thus, it doesn’t have any order forms, writer choice, or deadline. Here’s how you subscribe to research papers.

  • Sign up with your details or with your Facebook or Gmail account.
  • Choose between the free or premium account
  • Pay the premium subscription fee

Ordering process at

Prices & Fees

The website has no price list. You only get to choose between the free or premium account, which goes for a minimum of $79. We’d recommend the premium account if the services were good since you get access to more research papers. However, be wary of their subscription because it’s harder to unsubscribe than to subscribe.

Paper Quality

When doing our homework writing reviews, we wanted to order a sample paper to check the site’s quality. This was not possible when reviewing because they don’t write essays. Nevertheless, many Reddit users complained of outdated papers, authenticity, and horrible subscriptions.

This website will not give you any credit or mentions when you upload your papers to their website either. Bear this in mind when you think about getting your documents at

Customer Support

There is no customer support of any shape or form at The website does not even have an instant chat box for you to ask for help. This may pose a challenge for those who may not be internet savvy or if you have any queries.

Customer support at

Offers and Discounts

The company also has no offers or discounts for its loyal subscribers or first-time customers. There is no room to haggle the price downwards either.

Revision and Money Back Policy

Since the company does not offer assignment writing services, there are no revisions. The company provides a money-back policy where they will return your money if you pay for a subscription twice. However, we wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath, waiting for a refund.

Extra Features had no clear extra features when writing this review article. FAQ section:
What Is is an academic website with a vast selection of research papers and journals accessed through a subscription.

Is Legit?

No, the company has a shady subscription service that is tricky to get out of, deeming it not legit.

Is Safe?

This website is not safe because they don’t have any accessible contact information on their site or any guarantees.

Is Reliable?

No, this website has no properly written papers from skilled writers. They also don’t give credit whenever someone cites your paper.

Is a Scam?

Based on this review of, this is a scam-like site not worth recommending.