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Imagine having an AI writing your essay; that is what you get when you hire Of course, it would have been great if the AI could write a quality paper, but Essaybot is not your typical research paper writing company. Instead, the site will take your topic and offer you jumbled-up data on it.
Using this option to write your dissertation service might save you more time than dealing with your term paper writing from scratch. But the challenge is the service is not free, and you will have to get more information to write a quality and plagiarism-free essay. Does it really make sense to pay for a service that will not offer you the desired outcome? reviews tell it all.

Service review

Our review will not be complete without analyzing the company’s services. That way, you will determine if this is the service you want. This essay writing company does not offer complete papers; it only offers a limited search on the database. It gathers data from various websites and gives you the most relevant information depending on your search topic, but many find it unsatisfactory.

Pros and Cons

Before choosing a website to help you with your research paper, it is essential to review the pros and cons. That will give you a rough idea of the service to know if it suits you. So here are the pros and cons of using


  • Has substantial plagiarism checking service


  • There is no live chat available
  • It can’t extensively assist you with your research
  • It cannot write a unique essay
  • You will need to pay some fee to subscribe


Reliable writing companies should offer you guarantees about their services. But when you visit the Essaybot website, the company states that it is not responsible for the essay you generate from the information they offer you. The company also does not offer any positive data warranty, and a customer is responsible for the data they key in and generate.

Types of services

Students seek the services of a research paper writing company to get a quality written paper that is complete. But different companies offer different types of services. The Essaybot will only give you the information you can use in your research; if you want writing and essay editing services, this is not the company to use.

Free features at Essaybot

Online reputation

The one thing that students focus on most in an editing and writing service is the online reviews and the rating. With Essaybot, the reviews are minimal, making it hard to determine its effectiveness. Top writing companies have numerous reviews to guide you. Based on the few data online, you really can’t tell what you are likely to expect, which means it’s not the best research paper writing service to use.

How to order process

The first step is to visit the website and fill in the essay’s title you want to write. The website will gather relevant data on the content. Next, you will have to sign up to access all the documents. Finally, click on all the data you plan to use and click the rephrase and add button.

The AI will rewrite some words, which will make it easy for you to write your essay. There is no expert to write the essay for you, and you are the one responsible for your project. Once you complete it, click on the download button, and if you have paid for the subscription, you will get your paper.

Ordering process at Essaybot

Prices & Fees

Unlike most writing companies with prices on the website, Essaybot does not have that information. You will only get the price when you are done with your essay and download it. A subscription is $2.95 a week, $9.95 a month, and $59.40 a year.

However, they have not set the minimum or maximum research you can do. Customers can subscribe to the service and cancel at any time. According to the site, if you plan to use the service for a long time, they recommend paying for the yearly subscription.

Paper Quality

When reading an essay writing service review, paper quality remains a major concern. When it comes to Essaybot, you are the one to create the essay, and the paper quality on your order depends on how you write it irrespective of the deadline. You also need to be careful with the data you get not to plagiarize. Paper quality is not guaranteed.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential when seeking the services of essay writing companies. It will help in case of any issue because you can easily seek clarification. Essaybot does not have customer support. The only options are sending a message through email or using a phone number provided on the website, which is ineffective for many students.

Offers and Discounts

You will get some authority features on the service, such as the grammar checker and plagiarism tool. But there are no other vital offers. Unfortunately, the company does not offer guarantees or refunds because you get to control the data in your essay.

Revision and Money Back Policy

Note that the company only provides data and outlines the customer will use to write the essay. You are the one who is liable for the essay you present, and so the company does not offer a money back policy to the clients. Again, there is no option of getting your money back once you have made the payment.

Extra Features

The best research paper service comes with extra features. When you study the site, you’ll realize that they do not offer sufficient extra features. That means what you get doesn’t give you value for money spent. FAQ section:
What Is Essaybot?

It is an AI platform that offers essay writing assistance to students.

Is Essaybot Legit?

Yes, the service is legit but might not offer you the service you need.

Is Essaybot Safe?

The site isn’t safe. There’s no clear guarantee that your data and payment methods are safe from third-party access.

Is Essaybot Reliable?

No, the site is unreliable.  The worst part is that it does not have a chat service.

Is Essaybot a Scam?

The dissertation writing site might not be a scam. It does what it says it will do, but it offers low-quality essays.