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Homework writing reviews aim to give more insight into the various assignment writing companies and their services. However, not all best essay writing reviews offer credible information to students. This EssayHub review will be different from other EssayHub reviews because it gives customers a first-hand experience of the company’s services.

This dissertation writing services website has been around for a while and claims to be an authority in academic paper writing services. However, this company has some practices that shouldn’t be present in a company that claims to offer the best essay writing service. This article will highlight all these flaws and answer why you should have some reservations when dealing with this site.

Service review

The EssayHub website has more issues than a regular assignment writing company might have; several claims that the public has no way of authenticating. The site itself feels cluttered with too much information that does not help the average customer. The online calculator, nevertheless, is a welcome addition.

The site also displays some of their top skilled writers, some even having a 100% rating. This may be fine, but when did you last see any service get 100% positive reviews from over one thousand reviewers? Take this part into consideration when you visit their website.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of EssayHub

  • Many reviews
  • Customers get to choose their “expert” writer

Cons Of EssayHub

  • Cluttered website
  • Extremely unreliable customer service
  • Prices are relatively high compared to other services
  • Many typos in their web content
  • Fake reviews
  • Unreliable bidding system


Scrolling to the middle part of the website reveals a cluster of guarantees that include a plagiarism-free paper, unlimited revisions, student-friendly prices, and dedicated 24/7 customer support. This EssayHub writing review can confirm that the company will break most of these guarantees. Additionally, there was no sign of a money-back policy on the homepage.

A warranty or guarantee is the company’s way of telling its customers that they care about the customers willing to hire their services. However, if key guarantees such as a refund policy are missing, you’re not assured of quality services or your money back. If you like working with sites with a money-back guarantee, search elsewhere.

Types of services

At the bottom of the homepage, there’s a list of services under the three categories; writing, editing, and proofreading. Here are some of the services offered.

  • Admission Essays
  • Article reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Research proposals
  • Dissertation writing
  • Business plans
  • Case studies

Types of services at EssayHub

Online reputation

This EssayHub dissertation review can confirm that the company’s positive reviews on its website are fabricated. For instance, the company boasts a 4.8 rating on Sitejabber and The problem is when you go down and read the actual comments from “satisfied customers.”

This company claims to be an American company, meaning that most of its clientele should be American. However, that’s not the feeling you get when you sample the comments on review sites. Additionally, TrustPilot banned EssayHub reviews, and those on Reddit are filled with swear words, proving that their experiences were far from perfect.

How to order process

The order process at EssayHub is not anything unusual. Here’s how you go about it.

  • Sign up by clicking on the top right corner of the page.
  • Fill in the details of the paper, such as your deadline, number of pages, writing format, and other details you may have.
  • Choose what level of writer you want.
  • Pick the bid that most suits your budget.
  • Pay for the task.

Ordering process at EssayHub

Prices & Fees

One of the company’s biggest claims is that its services are budget-friendly to customers with a minimum of $11 per page. At face value, this claim might seem true, but there are a lot of factors that come into play that will affect the overall price. This disparity in price is due to the bidding system the company practices.

For instance, your 500-word essay may cost you just under $40; however, you may receive bids starting from $60, throwing off your budget. The writer’s choice also affects your overall price, with the expert writers charging more for their service. Other factors such as your deadline also play a part in the money spent on papers.

Free features at EssayHub

Paper Quality

When writing this review of EssayHub, we requested a sample 5-page review with a two-day deadline. Immediately, the only available bids were $80 and $95. The paper was delivered before the deadline, but the content was very shallow.

Based on the paper, it was clear that the writer did not read the book but searched for an online synopsis instead. Additionally, the paper had numerous grammatical errors that were easy to avoid. There are unlimited revisions, but most of these mistakes should have been corrected before work delivery.

Customer Support

So far, we’ve discovered several flaws on the website, but they are nothing compared to the challenges experienced with customer support. This company has the most annoying customer support seen on any academic website. When you ask any question on their instant chat box, they take years to answer.

It’s the same experience with other contact options available on their website. If you ever need quick solutions regarding your paper, you’re better off solving them yourself.

Customer support at EssayHub


Offers and Discounts

There were no mentions of discounts or study offers on the site when publishing this article.

Revision and Money Back Policy

The company offers unlimited revisions to their customers for the next thirty days after the paper’s delivery. However, these revisions should not be additional instructions from the initial paper

The company will only return any money if you paid twice for a service or if they lack a writer for your paper. After that, you’ll only receive partial refunds under stringent conditions.

Extra Features

The website also offers a free plagiarism report and tutoring services. They offer proctoring services too. FAQ section:
What Is is an online academic writing company that caters to high school and college students’ educational needs.

Is EssayHub Legit?

EssayHub is not legit as it has no money-back policy, and its reviews are falsified.

Is EssayHub Safe?

This company is not safe because it does not honor its guarantees to its customers.

Is EssayHub Reliable?

No, it’s unreliable, the company does not deliver high-quality work on time and lacks efficient customer support.

Is EssayHub a Scam?

It’s not, but it soon will be if they don’t rectify their flaws.