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Nothing is more demanding to students than research projects, assignments, and homework. Coupled with the changing education methods, assignments continue to be more challenging for almost every student. Since not every student is an expert in research or writing methods, they turn to homework writing services for help.

Homework writing reviews are meant to help you know which essay writing services to choose. Nevertheless, that’s why you need to read this complete review to decide the many misleading reviews on the internet. This review will cover all the site’s features and tell you whether the company’s hype is legit or deceptive. Let’s dive in!

Service review is an online homework and dissertation writing company that claims to have been started in 1997. However, this is false as the earliest website with such a name came about in 2003. We don’t understand why they would lie about this.

A visit to the website reveals a decent-looking website with adequate information. They claim to be an authority, having served 1.5 million satisfied customers; however, we can’t verify this claim either. The site also has numerous writer reviews that cannot be verified.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of EssayPro

  • Presence of an online calculator
  • The website is clean and simple

Cons Of EssayPro

  • The website feels bloated with customer reviews
  • Falsified or unverifiable online information
  • Below average quality of work
  • Is the same company as – another scammy website
  • The company uses a bidding system
  • There aren’t any offers or discounts on the website
  • Customer service could do better
  • Complex money-back policy

Guarantees guarantees top-quality, un-plagiarized work and offers a 100% refund; however, this is not the case. The company has a complex method of refunding customers. The work done also does not meet the quality standard promised.

Guarantees from an assignment writing website are a way of assuring the customer that their paper or project will be handled by experts and with the utmost care. However, most homework writing services will break their guarantees when looking for a writing website.

Types of services

The company offers several writing services that cover most areas of study. We found their selection to be quite average compared to other websites. Here’s what they offer:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Word problems
  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Article reviews
  • Case studies
  • Coursework assignments
  • Annotated bibliographies

Types of services at Essaypro

Online reputation

If you check reviews on several review websites, you’ll realize that some reviews are positive, while others have negative comments. We’ve noticed many Reddit and Quora comments that gave the business a negative rating and advised customers to take their business elsewhere.

Others complained that they didn’t get full refunds, and they did not understand why. This is a major issue for any homework writing service because students always want to know what others say about a certain company. Excellent reviews mean satisfied customers, meaning that any paper done will be of high quality.

How to order process

In our review of, we found out that the process of ordering a paper is lengthy, demanding, and complicated. Here’s is the process:

  1. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the top right of the page.
  2. Put down the details of your papers, such as deadline, subject, number of pages, and writing style.
  3. Choose which writers bid to find the best suited to do your paper.
  4. Once you talk to your chosen writer, accept their bid.
  5. Top up to your account.
  6. Place your order on progress.
  7. Confirm your order summary
  8. Reserve your funds as your paper is worked on.
  9. Once you’re satisfied and download your paper, release the funds.

Ordering process at Essaypro

Prices & Fees

At a glance, has decent rates; however, these rates are far from reality thanks to their bidding system. This payment system is not convenient because it limits your ability to plan for other tasks you may have. Students require a fairly consistent price to help them use their limited resources.  

Prices at Essaypro

Paper Quality

Another prevalent issue with assignment writing services that use the bidding system is poor or below average work delivery. This is because the writing company takes responsibility for delivering quality work away from them so that you can blame the writer. The work also comes with several grammatical and formatting errors.

The best homework writing service has skilled writers and delivers well-done quality work. Students choose these assignment writing services because their needs are put first. If a company cannot deliver quality work, everybody will avoid it.

Customer Support has few contact options the company can reach, compared to other writing services. For starters, they have live chat support, email, and a physical address. There’s no telephone number on the site, not forgetting the numerous complaints regarding their live chat support.

The support is okay when handling general questions, but it fails for questions unique to a particular situation. Despite the huge inconvenience, you are better off writing an email or visiting their physical office instead.

Customer support at Essaypro

Offers and Discounts

Our dissertation reviews evidence that there are no unique offers or a warranty on their site. However, does have some discounts once in a while. The sad thing is they are not meant for anyone.

Free features at Essaypro

Revision and Money Back Policy doesn’t undoubtedly handle revisions. Instead of lodging your revision request on the dashboard as many other writing companies do, they choose otherwise. The site may have a money-back policy, but it is very complex. If you require a refund, you may not be refunded the whole amount.

The company says the writer you hired needs to repay you. We find this quite unfair because customers pay in hopes that their papers will be completed. It doesn’t make sense that a customer should pay for incomplete work.

Extra Features

The company offers extra features such as an originality report, outline, title page, and unlimited edits. However, these additional features are not guaranteed, and they are not as remarkable as many other writing companies offer.

Extra features at Essaypro FAQ section:
What Is Essaypro?

It is a writing company offering writing solutions to students worldwide.

Is Essaypro Legit?

No, does not offer legit services as they claim they do. 

Is Essaypro Safe? is unsafe as they do not keep to the guarantees given on their website, especially on data protection.

Is Essaypro Reliable?

No, the company is unreliable as they don’t deliver high-quality work on time as they promise.

Is Essaypro a Scam?

Yes, I think that at some point they may deceive you. Therefore, I would rather bypass such services as EssayPro.