How To Cheat On Proctorio — Expert Cheating Guide

Fully online learning courses are mostly faced with specific challenges. One of the top-level challenges faced is the issue of students cheating in their exams. While cheating is common amongst students, the number increases on online learning platforms because there are no teachers or professors to monitor their actions rapidly.

To curb the constant cheating in online learning, universities and every learning instruction running online programs devise reliable ways to keep tabs on students while writing online exams or tests. This method is called proctoring.

Proctorio derives its name from proctoring, which is the overseeing or investigation by an exam authority to ensure the integrity of the test. For that purpose, software devices like Proctorio were born out of the need to enhance quality assurance during online exams.

Simplifying It for the Beginner – What Does Proctorio Do?

How To Cheat On Proctorio

Proctorio is a remote proctoring service used by virtual learning platforms for tests and exams. Proctorio is also used in some physical exams. A surveillance software device monitors the performance, activities, and behaviors of students and automatically prepares a report for the instructor or examiner.

Many schools consider it an efficient device to curb Proctorio cheating. Because it scrutinizes several activities and accurately records events, unlike other devices for monitoring exams, Proctorio has been top-rated because many schools use it for exams.

What You Should Know – How Does Proctorio Work?

Proctorio is built with a surveillance device that records your webcam, screen, and many other actions during exams. Once the device is on, it tracks and keeps track of every detail while the exam is ongoing, so if you need any help you can check our review on top homework cheat websites.

Also, the surveillance level of Proctorio is reliant on the settings of your professor. If they set the device only to record a student’s activity through a webcam, it’ll be unable to detect the screen or record the audio performance during the test.

Aside from the security settings professors can use during the exam, it also has private security for students.

  • Proctorio cannot access files. This means that your files will be intact and free from the surveillance camera when the device is on.
  • Proctorio only has access to certain personal information only during the exam. Once the exam is done, it loses all available personal records.
  • Proctorio cannot view exam recordings on their end. It’s an end-to-end encrypted device which means it’s only available to the examiner.
  • Proctorio cannot store any of the academic information from its users.

A Helpful Guide On How to Get Around Proctorio

Getting around Proctorio is the same thing as preparing yourself to use it. If your professor has announced that it’ll be used in your coming exams, all you need to familiarize yourself with the device is to:

  • Get a computer (if you don’t have one available)—the exam cannot be taken on a mobile device.
  • You’ll need to install the Chromebook browser and the Proctorio extension
  • The Proctorio extension will be installed for the Chromebook
  • Make your student’s ID available

Usually, professors set up practice exams for students to familiarize themselves with; the exercise is another helpful way to get around it. Also, note that Proctorio is easily accessible, and it provides you with every information as you’re using it.

How to Cheat on Proctorio Without Getting Caught

As a device with high-level security during exams, it restricts the ability of students to cheat while writing their exams. With this, many students want to know how to cheat Proctorio and Proctorio hacks that will enable them to maneuver the system.

If you want to learn helpful hacks on how to cheat using Proctorio and every cheating guide, then you’ll have to continue reading to find out all the relevant information.

How to Cheat With Proctorio 2020 – Important Things to Note

Even as an efficient proctoring device, Proctorio has its shortcomings, so students can still cheat. If you are a student looking for ways to hack the device, this is an opportunity to tap in.

There are various cheating hacks, but the easiest and most common amongst them are;

Virtual Machine

For every Proctorio exam, a virtual machine is a very common hack. It is simply about loading the virtual machine and taking your exam from it. What the virtual machine does in this regard is that it shields you from being detected. You can do anything you want while writing with a Proctorio virtual machine.

Since it can detect screen sharing, you don’t have to worry about it while using the machine. Connect the screen-sharing app to the machine, and the mouse can be controlled by another person who’ll be taking the test on your behalf. It’ll appear you’re taking the exam yourself. Virtual machines also allow you to browse, use textbooks and notes while writing.

Phones or Any Other External Device

Another way to cheat on Proctorio is by using your phone or iPad or any other device that you can browse on. Many students find this particular hack very easy to go with. Since Proctorio can detect cheating on a webcam, how do you do it?

Place the phone or device near your keyboard. Make sure it is below your webcam. This way, you can browse and input your answers, and to your professor, it’ll look like you’re typing or looking at your keyboard. While using it, you have to be careful; don’t focus on the phone screen to avoid being flagged for cheating.

Projectors or a Different Computer Screen

This is another trick you can use for Proctorio exams. It would help if you had an HDMI cable, computer, or TV screen backing the camera. The HDMI connects to the computer you’re using to write the exam. The person backing the camera will be able to share answers with you through any device you’re using to communicate with them.

These tricks and hacks on how to cheat with Proctorio are the easiest to use, and they also apply to how to cheat with Proctorio 2021.

Easiest Ways to Cheat On Proctorio and Pass

There are so many ways you can successfully cheat on Proctorio without getting caught. But, before sharing these easy Proctorio how-to cheat guides, you should also note that if caught while cheating, there are disciplinary measures that your professor will carry out. So, apply with caution.

Some of them include;

  • Impersonating the exam. (you can hire an expert to help you with the exam). All they need is to be connected via a virtual machine.
  • Screen sharing via virtual machine
  • Use of technological devices like HDMI cable
  • Use of external projectors
  • Use your phone by placing it below the webcam.
  • You can also intercept video feeds.

Below are easy cheat tests and exam hacks to use on Proctorio.

How to Cheat On Proctorio Chrome Extension

Erik Johnson on Twitter: "The Proctorio chrome extension "self-destructs" and uninstalls itself if it sees a chrome devtools window open, and redirects students to this page in an attempt to scare them.

Proctorio functions on your computer when you connect it to the Chrome extension. Once connected, it can detect every activity going on within your computer. To successfully cheat on Proctorio with the Chrome extension, the best device to use is a virtual machine.

The Chrome extension cannot detect your activities again once you’re connected to your exam via a virtual machine.

How Does Proctorio Detect Cheating?

Proctorio has so many ways through which it detects cheating from students. This is done by locking your web browser, monitoring your webcam, and recording your screen; the webcam scans your physical environment in a 360-degree pan. The application constantly scans for noise to detect if there’s a third party in the room with you to detect sound. Other ways Proctorio detects cheating is by;

  • Scanning your IP address
  • Voice recognition
  • Monitoring mouse location
  • Noting your browser size
  • Blocked web browsing
  • Scans your eyes, mouth, and head movement
  • Screenshots of your ID card
  • Checks the number of connected display screens
  • Checks if there are any other applications running
  • Monitors your web history

How Does Proctorio Detect Phones?

If you are cheating with your phone, you have to be very conscious of your activity and movement because Proctorio can detect if you are using a phone during the exam. How it does this is through scanning your webcam.

If your phone is placed in an area that the webcam can detect, the Proctorio will record it. Also, when you are paying attention to another position that’s not your computer screen, you’ll be flagged for cheating because the computer assumes you’re looking at another device which could be your phone.

How Do You Know If Proctorio Flagged You?

Most students don’t know when Proctorio has flagged them, and as such, they continue with their exams. Note that your professor will see Proctorio flags when watching the recording. And this can affect your grade.

There is no way to know if you’ve been flagged until your professor reviews the recording after exams. A workable solution is that if Proctorio flags you during an exam, your professor will have to review it themselves to determine if it’s a breach of the integrity of the exam.

Proctorio Student Reviews

If you want to know more about Proctorio, you should read Proctorio reviews. However, you can also get to the Proctorio website for more information. Review sites where students share their experiences using it to help educate you about the device.

Over there, you’ll read stories from other students, learn more about Proctorio and prepare your mind for when you’ll be using it. These reviews highlight both the pros and cons of using the device. And these are things you should note before you start using them for any school exams or tests.

FAQ Section

This section attends to some of the frequently asked questions by students about Proctorio.

Q: Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

A: Yes. Note that Proctorio will track your eye movement. This is done using Al to monitor where students’ eyes go while they are writing exams. Also, this is only achievable if your professor puts it on in the settings. To avoid getting flagged for looking elsewhere, maintain eye contact with your screen while writing.

Q: Can You Cheat on Proctorio?

A: Yes. Even with the high-security level on Proctorio, students find ways to cheat on the system without being caught. You can face sanctions when caught. And, while cheating, you’ll need to be discreet to avoid getting caught.

Q: Can Proctorio Detect Phones?

A: Yes. Proctorio can detect that you’re using your phone, but that is only possible when you keep shifting eye movement, or your phone is placed where the webcam can detect it.

Q: What Does Proctorio Flag?

A: Proctorio flags eye, mouth, and body movement when writing exams. It’s left to your professor to determine which of the flags violates the exam rules.

Q: Does Proctorio Flag Eye Movement?

A: Yes. Proctorio flags eye movement. If your eye is leaving the position it should be focused on, Proctorio flags it and includes it in the recording.

Q: Does Proctorio Record Your Screen and Does Proctorio Record Audio?

A: Yes. Proctorio may record your screen if it’s allowed by your professor. Also, does Proctorio record you? Yes. This is why your microphone is to be enabled during the exam.

Q: Can Proctorio Detect Screen Sharing?

A: Yes. Proctorio can detect screen sharing. But, if you’re using a virtual machine, it’ll be unable to detect screen sharing.

Q: Can Proctorio Detect Virtual Machines?

A: No. Virtual machines defeat the purpose of Proctorio. Proctorio cannot detect if you’re using a virtual machine to write your exam. However, some devices can be used to restrict students from connecting to a virtual machine.


As a high-security certified device, Proctorio detects almost every cheating hack students might use. The only way to stay safe from being caught is by being smart with those hacks. Aside from that, if you ever developed any issue using Proctorio, visit the website, check the Proctorio help section for the Proctorio support number, or you can send an email. Remember that if you’re confused at any point and you need help, you can contact our services.