How to Cheat On ProctorU – Expert Cheating Guide

The use of online learning devices to conduct learning has been on the rise since the advent of Covid-19. While some of these devices have always been in existence, some are new learning devices. But, unlike some of these devices, Proctoru has been around longer than most of them. Proctoru is a commonly known online testing platform used by several institutions, teachers, and professors to control exam malpractice. Since more of learning has been online, professors need devices to keep tabs on their students’ performance.

Under strict surveillance, students cheating on a Proctoru exam will be caught. For that reason, many students are interested in knowing how to cheat on ProctorU, how to cheat using Proctoru, and every Proctoru cheating guide to avoiding getting caught. In this article, we take you through everything you should know about how to cheat with Proctoru.

Explaining for the Beginner – What Is ProctorU?

Proctoru Main Logo

Proctoru is an online testing device that came out in 2008, the purpose was to reduce the stress of in-person exams and tests. It is an online proctoring tool that serves useful purposes for examination boards, institutions, and professors during an exam. Proctoru is regarded as one of the most secured online proctoring platforms, so examiners prefer using it.

To be able to use Proctoru, there are certain requirements you must meet. They include;

  • You must set up a Proctoru account
  • Students must have a functioning computer
  • Proctoru required High-speed internet service and a reliable web browser
  • You must have a microphone
  • Your exam room must be quiet and well-lit.

How Does ProctorU Work?

Proctoru is like every other online proctoring service tool and we know how it works, it serves essential purposes in monitoring online student performance. The device is launched and set up by the professor, and students must set up theirs.

Every new Proctoru exam needs to be scheduled; this is done through the Proctoru service. Before students can also connect to a Proctoru exam, you’ll first connect to a proctor at Proctoru. The proctor checks your identity and connects you to the Proctoru exam.

Like other online proctoring services, Proctoru uses cameras, microphones, and other monitoring devices. These features are available on Proctoru, and they’re for keeping track purposes.

How to Cheat On ProctorU Exams Effectively

Students using Proctoru for their exams find it challenging. Many stories of students who get caught during a Proctoru exam. The device is a top-level security system that is almost impenetrable.

To help students get through using it, we have come up with amazing tricks and hacks on how to cheat Proctoru even while under strict supervision. These tips will be helpful to students who are underprepared for their exams or under pressure. There are suggested tips on how to cheat on the Proctoru exam during the exam.

So, if you are a student experiencing exam pressure or did not prepare well, these cheat Proctoru tips will help you relax and write your proctored exam.

Hacks On How to Cheat On ProctorU In the Best Possible Way

You’re in the right section for anyone who wants to learn useful hacks on how to cheat on Proctoru. Also, these hacks apply to how to cheat on Proctoru 2018, how to cheat on Proctoru 2020, and how to cheat on Proctoru 2021. They all use the same Proctoru code and hack.

Mainly, there are two ways you can only cheat on Proctoru. They are;

  • Using an HDMI Cable
  • Using a Virtual Machine

Using an HDMI Cable

HDMI cables are one of the reliable ways anyone can cheat easily on Proctoru without getting caught. Although connecting the HDMI cable might require some time, it still serves its purpose.

You can easily share your screen in a Proctoru exam with an HDMI cable. Why? Because without using an HDMI cable, Proctoru can detect screen sharing on your device. To connect your computer to an HDMI cable, you’ll need;

  • A reliable computer
  • Good and compatible HDMI cable

To use it, the cable will be connected to your device. When connecting, make sure you’re not linking it to the external device before the exam. Firstly, connect it to your device. When the exam starts, someone can help you connect it to the external device.

This is a helpful hack if you hire a professional to write your exam for you. Also, note that it’s not a process that only one person can handle. At every stage of the setup, you’ll need the assistance of others. So, you can invite your friends, family members, or a hired professional to assist you with connections.

Another useful hack to note while using it is not making eye contact with anyone in the room. The Proctoru eye movement can flag you for it.

Using a Virtual Machine

If you don’t want to go through the process of using a Cable, you can use a virtual machine. Many people choose to use virtual machines despite the advanced level of security on Proctoru. Why? Because Proctoru security cannot detect a virtual machine device.

Virtual machines are those devices designed as though they’re physical computers. They are mostly incognito, which means students can set up their devices using the software without getting noticed.

To use the virtual machine, download the software and connect it to your computer. It allows you to browse your device freely without being detected. To the examiner, the Proctoru device does not flag any issues. But, avoid any form of excitement because the device has a camera and recorder that sees and records you.

Aside from these two hacks, there are no other reliable ways discovered for hacking Proctoru. Also, when applying them, make sure to follow all the connection requirements to avoid glitches.

How Much Does ProctorU Cost?

Exams written on Proctoru come with a fee. These fees are determined by the minutes/hours you spend on the exam. For a 30 minutes or less exam, the fee is $8.75. 31-60 minutes exam costs $15. The 61-120 minutes exam cost $19.75, and the 121-180 minutes exam cost $25.

Since there’s a fee attached to using Proctoru for exams, always ensure you pass your exams the first time. That way, you won’t visit the device twice. To pass, the Proctoru hacks will be beneficial to you.

How to Cheat On Straighterline Following the Right Steps

Straighterline is another online learning device for students. On the platform, students can be taught and also write exams. Before now, proctoring was only an option on Straighterline. But, recently, all Straighterline exams have been proctored.

So, if you are a student writing a Straighterline proctored exam, note that it’s still possible to cheat on it. Here are some ways to cheat on Straighterline exams.

  • Hiring a professional
  • Sharing screen
  • Browsing the web for test answers during the exam
  • Taking exams in a group

To cheat using any of these methods, you’ll have to implement the Proctoru cheat sheet to avoid getting caught. Also, note the straighter line final exam password requested for final exams.

How Does ProctorU Prevent Cheating?

Yes. Mainly, Proctoru is designed to prevent students from cheating during exams and tests. Also, students can be easily caught cheating on Proctoru. The Proctoru device does these through;

  • Live camera monitoring
  • Recording background
  • Locking your web browser
  • Monitoring your computer screen
  • Detecting eye and mouth movement.

Through the help of Al devices, the install system can detect when a student is cheating using any of these methods. Once you shift your eyes away from the computer, the Al device flags you for eye movement.

How to Cheat On Top Hat Test Without Getting Caught

Top Hat is another proctored online learning platform, like other devices, it has a security system that can detect cheating. When students are caught cheating on Top Hat, they will be locked out of the exam. The programmed Al device does this. It accesses web browsers, detects screenshots, and monitors live performances.

Therefore, to avoid getting caught during a Top Hat exam, you must proceed with caution. Since Top Hat can monitor your online performances, the best cheating bet is a virtual machine.

Once you’ve installed your virtual machine and connected it to the exam, none of your activities will be detected by Top Hat.

Proctortrack Chrome Extension – What You Should Know About It

Proctortrack is another online proctored device used to enhance the quality of online learning between teachers and students. This remote proctoring device is now supported on Chromebook. The Chromebook is a web-based device that enables students to browse and access the internet.

To limit the chances of online malpractice during exams, a proctortrack can now be installed into a Chromebook device. The purpose is to increase the security level and easily verify and detect online exam misconduct.

ProctorU Hesi Exam – What Does It Mean?

The Hesi( Health Education System Incorporated) Exam is an exam specifically made for nursing students. It is an exam that helps determine if nursing students are prepared to take the NCLEX exam.

If you are in nursing school or getting ready to attend one, you will have to write the Hesi exam at one point, so if you get interested in how to cheat on the HESI exam you can read more on our blog. Since it’s an exam that helps students prepare for their license exams, it’s usually strict.

Therefore, to reduce the risks of exam misconduct on Hesi exams, nursing examination bodies prefer Proctoru Hesi to monitor students. Once students log in on Proctoru, they can locate the Hesi exam they’re writing.

Top ProctorU Tips Every Student Should Know

The Proctoru exam follows very strict exam policies before and during exams, so these are tips to know when you are preparing to write a Proctoru exam.

  • Neatly organized your room
  • Remove every external material(including external computer)—the examination body makes you show them your entire room
  • Read and prepare for the exam
  • Install the virtual machine before the exam starts
  • Make sure your laptop is compatible with the Proctoru
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection
  • Sign up for the exam date as soon as possible to avoid extra fees.

ProctorU Rules that Ensures Effective Use

As a proctored exam, Proctoru comes with strict rules and policies every student must abide by. Some of them include;

  • Your computer must be compatible with the device
  • Your webcam recording must to on
  • Proctoru should be able to see your screen
  • The device flags malpractice and eye movement
  • You must have a high internet service
  • Students’ rooms must be neat, organized, and free from external materials
  • If caught cheating, sanctions will be implemented

FAQ Section

  • Q: What is ProctorU?

A: Proctoru is an online proctoring service that allows professors to conduct exams remotely and manage misconduct. Some exams that can be conducted here include; the Proctoru hesi exam, Proctoru LSAT exams,  Proctoru Praxis test, and other exams.

  • Q: How much does Proctoru cost?

A: The price of a Proctoru exam varies based on time spent. The Proctoru take-it-now fee varies from $8.75, $15, $19.75, and $25.

  • Q: Does Tophat record you?

A: Yes. Tophat can record your screen. All that is needed is for the test set to be adjusted.

  • Q: Can Proctoru detect screen mirroring?

A: Yes. Proctoru can detect screen mirroring. However, it cannot detect it when you use an HDMI cable, except it restricts access to using the cable.

  • Q: What is Tophat cheating?

A: Tophat cheating involves the process of cheating on a proctored exam on Tophat.

  • Q: What can ProctorU see?

A: Yes. Proctoru can see you. Once your webcam is on, a live proctor can see and monitor your activities.

  • Q: How to cheat using ProctorU

A: If you are wondering how you can cheat while using Proctoru, read the provided hack above.

  • Q: How can I get a ProctorU cheat sheet?

A: A Proctoru cheat sheet can be found online mostly. On the Proctoru Reddit platform, you can find Proctoru reading counts cheats for free.


ProctorU is a high-security remote tool used for online testing. It’s a reliable device used by professors, and you can get a proctor free download for your LSAT Proctoru and Proctoru praxis tests. As a student, keeping up with your homework or writing tasks may be challenging. You don’t have to face it alone as you can seek the professional homework help services. We have a team of experts who are always ready to review all writing websites and services, all you need to do is contact us today.