How to Plagiarize Without Getting Caught

It sometimes happens that you go online for information on a subject, and you find an article that perfectly sums up your thoughts. The big question is: is it plagiarism if you change the words around? Moreover, students ask, “I got caught plagiarizing, what should I do? We will answer these questions soon. It’s okay if you are stuck and are struggling to think and work; it happens to the best of us. You can always learn how to copy and paste without plagiarizing. Moreover, if you find an article of interest, is it plagiarism if you reword it? Keep reading this article for an answer and how to plagiarize without getting caught.

If You Reword an Essay, Is It Plagiarism?

Students often wonder: if you reword a sentence, is it plagiarism? Rewording or rewriting an essay does not mean plagiarism. Plagiarism means copying a work that’s not yours word-for-word and passing it off as your work without referencing the original writer. Rewriting an essay is the complete opposite of plagiarism. When you rewrite an essay, you’re changing someone’s work to suit your needs.

How to Plagiarize Successfully?

If you’ve found an article that conveys your thoughts, you will want to learn how not to get caught plagiarizing. Below are ideas on how to plagiarize and get away with it.


Rewording is the easiest way to plagiarize without getting caught. For example, suppose you’ve found a smart sentence you’d like to include in your work; you can change the order of the words. For instance, you can change “there is a car parked outside” to “a car is parked outside.” You can reword the essay yourself or use a word re-arranger for essays like rewrite essay typer or paragraph re-arranger. A word re-arranger essay makes how to copy an essay without plagiarizing feasible.

Add Words

A way to “use plagiarize in a sentence” without getting caught is by adding extra words like adjectives and verbs.

What to Say When Caught Plagiarizing

But what to do if caught plagiarizing? Simple: if “I plagiarized and got caught,” say nothing. Trying to explain to anyone that these are your thoughts is a bad idea. If anyone detects a similarity, blame it on coincidence. Nobody will accuse you know how to plagiarize without proof. Even if they do, it’s your word against theirs. So, if you got caught plagiarizing, avoid explaining how you had an epiphany, or you’ve had the idea for years.

How to Copy Code without Plagiarizing

Even computer geeks get their codes plagiarized; this is growing and becoming a cause for concern. Here are ways to copy a code without plagiarizing:

Use Outside Code

It’s not plagiarism if you’re using outside code. However, rules are in place that you should follow when using outside code. You will want to know and follow these rules to avoid plagiarism.

Use Plagiarism Checker

You’ll find free online plagiarism checker tools to check for plagiarism in your paper. You can choose anyone to point out copied and un-cited works in your essay.

Learn Limitations

Your instructor may tell you where you can get your code with a programming language detector. You will need only to use approved and open-source codes to avoid plagiarism.

Does Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?

Yes, Turnitin detects paraphrasing through a program called web crawler. Turnitin keeps its system’s algorithms up-to-date, and that’s why it can detect paraphrasing.

How Does Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?

“How will Turnitin detect paraphrasing” is a question you need to ask if you’re on thinking of paraphrasing on the platform. It does this by comparing your paper with those on its database through the web crawler. This program automatically updates Turnitin’s database with resources online. As such, even if you know how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin, you may still get caught plagiarizing.

How to Change a Plagiarized Essay

To “unplagiarized my essay,” you can use an unplagiarized tool. This tool works as an unplagiarized generator and helps you “unplagiarized my work.” Furthermore, one of the things you can do if “I got caught plagiarizing” is to use the tool to “unplagiarized my paper.” Knowing how to unplagiarized your paper is a good skill for enhancing academic credibility.

In conclusion, “plagiarizing in a sentence” or an essay is a problem in the academic world today, and it is best to avoid it. Nevertheless, if you won’t to avoid plagiarizing the work of another or you want to do so without getting caught, you can use our writing service.