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The goal of essay writing services is to ease a student’s study burden and make their learning enjoyable. But do you know many dissertation writing companies guarantee students expertly written papers but deliver the exact opposite? Searching for the best essay writing service on many homework writing reviews has proven futile due to misleading information. is a well-known website, and it has been around for a while now, claiming authority in matters of assignment writing. However, like many other assignment writing services online, this company uses aggressive marketing to lure customers. This review will discuss all the company’s services and why you’re better off searching elsewhere.

Service review

As you browse or visit this website, you’ll realize much unnecessary information. Also, the company does not provide any information about how much a paper costs or a price list. They also don’t even tell their potential customer how the order process works (and with good reason). also clutters the website with numerous reviews and positive ratings from “satisfied customers.” They also claim to have completed a little less than 100,000 orders with hundreds of skilled writers online, which we can’t verify.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of KiwiPapers

  • Many tutors

Cons Of KiwiPapers

  • Plagiarized content
  • The writer selected misses your deadline
  • Cluttered website
  • Prices for the services are quite steep
  • Slow and unreliable customer support
  • Sketchy refund policy


When doing this review of, the website only had two guarantees; a guarantee not to keep your payment information and a security guarantee. Nevertheless, there were no guarantees regarding plagiarism-free content or a warranty promising a customer their money back if they don’t deliver top-quality papers.

Types of services

The company can deliver numerous types of services. It’s difficult for any student to lack the service they’re after, but the delivery is quite compromised. Here are the services offered.

  • All types of essays
  • Coursework
  • Business plans
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Research papers
  • Literature review

Types of services at KiwiPapers

Online reputation

While making this dissertation review, we came across online reviews online on the site that felt doctored and, thus, could not be trusted. After some investigation, we noticed many negative comments and reviews on Reddit.

The company was accused of having a trick refund policy and very high prices for services. Customers’ complaints against the company were missed deadlines, plagiarized content, and a complicated ordering process.

How to order process

As previously mentioned earlier, has an unusual ordering process. For starters, there is no signup button, instead:

  • You’re directed to a page where an AI assistant asks you questions regarding the paper.
  • Next, you’ll be directed to a page where you select your expert writer and then give the relevant information about your paper.
  • Once you confirm the paper, make a payment.
  • Your order will begin.

The entire process has a learning curve, something no writer wants.

Ordering process at KiwiPapers

Prices & Fees

The company also has no online calculator or price list. They claim that you’ll pay a minimum of $10  for a page, but this estimate is inaccurate. The final price of your paper depends on the number of pages, type of writer and the deadline given to complete the paper.

The company uses some sort of bidding system where the more experienced your writer is, the more you’ll end up paying. The pricing system makes it challenging for students to budget for the papers they need.

Paper Quality

When coming up with the best essay writing reviews, it’s usual to request a sample paper to evaluate how good a company’s writers are. If you decide to request an essay with a one-day deadline, the paper will come late, and the content deviates from the instructions.

Additionally, expect some plagiarized content. It is clear from the work delivered and reviews online that the company is not an authority on academic writing as they make students believe.

Customer Support

Perhaps the most annoying part of this writing review is customer support. There is no instant chatbox, something you don’t expect to miss on such a website. There are two ways of contacting the company; via email or telephone.

The phone line is always busy whenever you try calling and the emails sent are answered for days. If you have urgent revisions or need a matter dealt with urgently, you’ll be disappointed.

Customer support at KiwiPapers
Customer support at KiwiPapers1

Offers and Discounts

There were no discounts or offers given by the company for both new and loyal customers. Something you should be keen to notice in every company rating and most of our reviews.

Revision and Money Back Policy

Customers are entitled to free revisions as long as they are within the two weeks for orders with ten pages or less and a month for orders with thirty pages or more. The company also issues refunds but does not say so expressly. But the customer must request a refund within three days after the paper is delivered.

It’s not easy to get a full refund unless you paid double. If you also want any revisions to your paper, you no longer qualify for a full refund. In general, has a tricky money-back policy that does not favor the customer.

Extra Features

Some of the extra features the company offers are unlimited revisions, 24/7 support, smart expert matching and advanced writer. These features are not anything to write about because they are poorly delivered such that they don’t add any value to you. FAQ section:
What Is is an online academic writing service that caters to students’ assignment needs for a fee.

Is KiwiPapers Legit?

They aren’t because the company delivers poorly done content and charges exorbitantly for their services.

Is KiwiPapers Safe?

No, this company has a sketchy refund policy that does not favor their clients, thus unsafe.

Is KiwiPapers Reliable? is unreliable because they deliver plagiarized content and miss deadlines.

Is KiwiPapers a Scam?

This website is not a scam yet, but it will soon be. You better stay away.