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Numerous assignment writing services on the internet cater to students’ essay writing needs. Nevertheless, some students prefer to write their essays rather than have a skilled writer do it. Such students, however, require sample essays related to their studies to help them with their papers.

Websites like cater to these particular customers. Like other homework writing reviews, this article will cover every aspect of the website in question. This article will also tell you why you shouldn’t subscribe to this 20-year-old website when you need sample essays.

Service review is your standard essay writing service because the site only offers sample essay papers and not dissertation writing services. This website does not employ any online marketing tactics, nor does it lay claims to be the best essay writing service online.

At first glance, the website looks primitive, like a site from the 1990s. There is no crucial information such as how to subscribe to the service or how the service works. The website is not very friendly to anybody who is internet savvy.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of MegaEssays

  • Extensive database of essay samples

Cons Of MegaEssays

  • No information regarding the site
  • Difficult to cancel a subscription
  • Outdated samples
  • Poor rating
  • Low-quality samples
  • No contact information
  • Poor unappealing website


The website only offers a wide selection of sample essays on its database. However, it does very little to guarantee its customer that the samples provided are original and relevant to the field of study. More so, the website does not guarantee the safety of its customers at the time of writing this dissertation review.

The site also looks like it could be shut down at any moment, thus, raising the question of its reliability. There’s no sign of a money back policy if the customer doesn’t find what they were looking for. A website that lacks any warranty or guarantee should be a red flag.

Types of services

The website offers a vast selection of sample essays covering different areas of study. Again, it does not offer essay writing services. You will find samples in the following categories:

  • Thesis
  • Book reports
  • Term papers
  • Dissertations
  • Sample business plans
  • Movie reviews

Types of services at MegaEssays

Online reputation

During this review of, we searched extensively for more reviews regarding this website. However, there were no websites that gave credible reviews. Some reviews are written in foreign languages, making it impossible to tell whether they are authentic, let alone positive.

How to order process

Unlike other websites with an easy order form, is a subscription-only website. A customer will choose three subscription options; basic, plus, and pro. You only need to:

  • Sign up
  • Fill in the relevant information
  • Choose a package

Ordering process at MegaEssays

Prices & Fees

You’ll get the following prices once you sign up for your account at Note that these subscriptions are renewed monthly.

  • Basic: $19.95
  • Plus: $39.95
  • Pro: $59.95

To cancel your subscription, you need to fill out a refund form. It also has to be done correctly; otherwise, you may end up with a recurring subscription. Based on this review, it’s clear that the company is only after students’ money.

Paper Quality

As previously mentioned, does not write any essays and thus does not need an expert writer or a deadline. However, the quality of the papers offered by the site is not top-notch. Additionally, some of the samples have issues with plagiarism.

It’s not recommended that you use these papers for anything else other than a source of writing material for your paper. However, the website offers a critique of the sampled paper based on the package you’ve subscribed to.

Customer Support

One of the most annoying features of this website is its lack of proper contact information. The only way to communicate with the company is through placing a ticket that may be answered many hours later. There were no more contact options as of making this writing review.

Customer support at MegaEssays

Offers and Discounts

It was no surprise that the website has no discounts or loyalty programs for its subscribers. The only way to access the site is by paying the minimum subscription. You get what you pay.

Revision and Money Back Policy

The website also has no revisions since they do not engage in writing essays. They also don’t edit or proofread essays. The website does not offer any money-back policy for its customers either. It is not a 100% student-oriented website or an authority in writing essays.

Extra Features

The only extra feature you get for your subscription is the critique attached. The critique differs with the different packages. For example, the basic package gets a minimum 500-word critique, the plus gets 1500, and the pro package gets a 3000-word critique.

Other than the critiques in each package, there are no more extra features such as a plagiarism report or a one-page summary. We found this quite disturbing, knowing that this website has been around for twenty years.

Extra features at MegaEssays FAQ section:
What Is is an essay website that only offers a database of sample essays at a subscription fee.

Is MegaEssays Legit?

No, the website does not have information on its owners or how the service works.

Is MegaEssays Safe?

The company is unsafe because it’s difficult to cancel your subscriptions once you’ve subscribed to a package.

Is MegaEssays Reliable?

No, the website offers poor-quality papers priced very high.

Is MegaEssays a Scam?

This website is not a scam, but we do not recommend you to visit or order their services.