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When looking for credible academic paper writing services, students generally look for a company with experts in every field of study. They also search for top-quality papers delivered before the deadline and positive reviews from review sites online. However, customers don’t always get what they’re looking for in most dissertation writing companies.

Take MyPerfectWords; this assignment writing company is relatively new in the writing industry but has gradually built a name for itself. However, in this MyPerfectWords review, we will look at several practices that turned the website from being the best essay writing service.

Service review

MyPerfectWords is an online writing company based in the United Arab Emirates and is closely linked to a company known as Skyscrapers LLC. This company is also known for other websites offering dissertation writing services. Given their company name, one would easily think that the company is an authority in this field, a misguided thought.

Any potential customer that visits their website is met with a decent-looking website. The company also offers several claims, such as having the best native English-speaking writers well-versed in different fields. However, the company lacks vital information, and the site takes quite some time to load.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of MyPerfectWords

  • Offer an option to pay half of the money before the completion of the task

Cons Of MyPerfectWords

  • No refund policy
  • Lazy website
  • Writers miss deadlines
  • Poor quality papers
  • No discounts offered
  • High prices in comparison with the competition


The company guarantees that they will put their best-skilled writers to work on your paper and that they deliver quality work. Another guarantee they offer is that their student-friendly prices don’t have hidden charges. However, one guarantee or warranty is missing on this website; the money-back guarantee.

It looked like a mistake, prompting further research; however, their terms and conditions clearly state that any amount deposited in the account cannot be refunded. This means that whatever quality of work you get from the company will have to do or spend extra money on another site.

Types of services

When reviewing MyPerfectWords, we found out that the company offered a host of services under the three types of services; writing, editing, and proofreading. The company also provides services such as copywriting too. Here are the types of services provided.

  • Custom essays
  • Editing essays
  • Homework writing
  • Coursework
  • Book reviews
  • Thesis writing
  • Literature review

Online reputation

There were no mentions of the company nor its services on discussion groups such as Reddit. However, a brief search on review sites like Sitejabber revealed many disgruntled customers. From missed deadlines, poor quality, and expensive services, it was clear that this company was doing something wrong.

Additionally, the positive rating the company received looked fake. It only takes one review to discover that an expert did not write them. The company’s online reputation should make any customer think twice about hiring their services.

How to order process

The order form at MyPerfectWords is not a challenging task, but it lacks assurance. Here is the process.

  • Sign up for your account
  • Put down relevant information regarding the paper you want to be written.
  • Pay for the order once the company gives you a quote.

Ordering process at MyPerfectWords

Prices & Fees

The prices are another red flag and an example of aggressive marketing. When you head to the price list, you find a host of discounted prices. However, these prices are a trick to make customers think that the company has genuinely given a discount.

The company may claim that they’ve given a 50% discount, but don’t be fooled; their minimum charge per page is $15, which is still relatively high compared to the competition. It would help if you were wary of such companies before committing.

Prices at MyPerfectWords

Paper Quality

Another issue we found while doing this MyPerfectWords writing review was the paper quality. Naturally, as with many other homework writing reviews, we requested a three-page sample within 12 hours. The paper was delayed and delivered 12 hours past the deadline.

There were some plagiarism and shallow content elements, meaning that the skilled writer ignored the instructions. Even for a simple Proctor Exam, customers don’t get their money’s worth of service.

Customer Support

The company has a variety of ways to get in touch with the customer and vice versa, but online instant chat is the most convenient. However, customer support is relatively slow in responding to questions asked. When they do, they only answer those questions that have a stock answer.

That reveals why there were complaints about the customer service as well. If you need questions answered by the support team, don’t hold your breath.

Customer support at MyPerfectWords

Offers and Discounts

Besides the fake 50% given on orders, which isn’t real, there are no other discounts or offers on the website. Other best essay writing reviews will reveal this too.

Offers and discounts at MyPerfectWords

Revision and Money Back Policy

As previously mentioned in this MyPerfectWords dissertation review, the company offers revisions when requested. However, they do not mention how many edits you’re allowed.

The company has no intention of refunding any money deposited with them. So whether it’s work not done properly or a simple overpayment, once the transaction is done, you’ll never see that money again.

Extra Features

There are no extra features the company offers except partial payments. They claim that you can use this feature to your advantage. If the work delivered is of poor quality, you can skip paying the rest of the payment. However, your initial money will be lost.

Free features at MyPerfectWords FAQ section:
What Is

MyPerfectWords is an online website that offers assignment writing services to students for money.

Is MyPerfectWords Legit?

No. The site doesn’t offer any money-back policy and charges expensively for services.

Is MyPerfectWords Safe?

This company is unsafe because they employ aggressive marketing that misleads the customer.

Is MyPerfectWords Reliable?

The website is unreliable because they deliver plagiarized and poor-quality work.

Is MyPerfectWords a Scam?

The website has scam-like practices, and it’s not worth taking a risk to work with them.