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Besides sites that offer essay writing services, other writing companies offer more related services. Let’s say you’re a student who has just finished college and you now want to search for a job; in that case, you’ll need a resume. This situation will prompt you to go online searching for the best resume writing services.

However, if you’re not careful, you may hire the services of an unreliable dissertation writing company. One such website that will lure you into the promise of a perfectly written resume but end up taking up your money is The website may look clean and official, but don’t let first looks deceive you; this review will tell you why you shouldn’t waste your time with this company. Here are more blog posts for you.

Service review

Resume-Now is an online writing service that is part of a company known as LiveCareer and has been in existence for over fifteen years. They are not your common study assignment writing service providers because they only write resumes. They claim that they are an authority in their field and have assisted millions of customers worldwide to create top resumes; however, we cannot verify this bold claim.

Their website is decent-looking and feels modern; nevertheless, it’s hard to know how to navigate through the site due to the lack of crucial information. Throw in a handful of other bold claims, such as making your resume in 15 minutes, and you still can get yourself a website.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of Resume-Now

  • Modern-looking website
  • Decent resume samples

Cons Of Resume-Now

  • Scam-like money back policy
  • Highly unnecessary subscription service
  • Unreliable customer service
  • No warranty
  • Expensive services
  • Negative online reputation
  • Fake positive reviews


As previously mentioned, this is not an assignment writing service. Thus, there are no guarantees or warranties on your average academic website. However, reviews have it that the company does give a money back guarantee, but it’s tricky to enforce. This policy will be discussed extensively later on in the article.

Types of services

Since this company does not write assignments, this dissertation review hasn’t analyzed much of its other types of services other than expert resume writing. However, each subscription you choose comes with different tools to assist you in making your very own resume.

Types of services at Resume-Now

Online reputation

A simple Resume-now review Google search reveals some scary results. We have not seen a company referred to as a scam as often as this one was. Admittedly, some homework writing reviews may write articles that will not be truthful, prompting us to search for more credible reviews.

Several Quora users had issues with the company’s subscription service, which they claimed was challenging to cancel. Many Reddit users also complained that it was unnecessary to have a subscription service when needed only one resume. All customers who had used this service stated that the service was too expensive; based on this negative rating, it was clear that this site had some issues.

How to order process

There is no order form for customers at; instead, you purchase a subscription. The process is simple to follow. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Become a member by following the sign-up process
  • Choose which package is best for you
  • Get a 14-day trial charger at $ 1.45
  • Pay for your subscription after the trial period

Ordering process at Resume-Now

Prices & Fees

During this writing review, we discovered that the minimum you’ll pay is $99,00, which is a trial fee. There is a second package that offers you full features and tools to enable you to make your resume. However, you’ll be required to pay $99-299 per resume.

The third option is a monthly fee of $10.45 with all the features and tools. However, this option is an annual subscription, meaning that you’ll pay $125.40 once your 14-day trial period is over. This information is at the bottom of these subscription packages but is not clearly visible and is often overlooked.

Prices at Resume-Now

Paper Quality

There are no assignment services. Thus, you’ll not find a skilled writer or order a paper. It’s important to note that the tools and features of monthly or annual subscriptions help make a resume not so unique despite their exorbitant prices.

Customer Support

The company has several phone numbers, email, and an instant chat option as its modes of communication. However, customer support is only available during certain hours and business days. If you need a resume done on the weekend, you’d better visit another service.

Customer support at Resume-Now

Offers and Discounts

There are no discounts offered by the company when publishing this review of

Revision and Money Back Policy

The company does not give any revisions since it does not write any academic papers. However, it does have a refund policy that only works if your 14-day trial has not been exceeded. Your refund will not be guaranteed after that.

Extra Features

There aren’t many extra features on this website. The company will offer some tips on coming up with a great resume. Additionally, you can get samples of resumes that help you develop your version of a resume. However, these features are only available for paying subscribers. FAQ section:
What Is is an online website that creates resumes for its clients worldwide.

Is Resume-Now Legit?

This website is not legit because it continues billing customers even after canceling their subscriptions.

Is Resume-Now Safe? is not safe because it charges customers expensively for average quality work.

Is Resume-Now Reliable?

No, it’s not because it makes canceling subscriptions complex, and their prices are relatively high compared to other service providers.

Is Resume-Now a Scam?

This company is very close to being a scam due to its refund and subscription policies.