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If there is one thing we know too well about, it’s the struggle students go through when looking for credible and expert essay writing services. A student’s grades are everything to them. That’s why they become devastated when unscrupulous websites promise top quality work but deliver the exact opposite.

Our homework reviews help you separate the truth from the lies. You can be sure of knowing many things from every assignment writing company we review. With this complete SpeedyPaper.com review, we’ll tell you why you should stay away from this company.

Service review

SpeedyPaper.com is a relatively new assignment writing services site that offers writing solutions to customers in high school and college. We couldn’t find when the company started, but the hype around it prompted us to develop a Speedypaper.com dissertation review. A visit to their website reveals a website that looks hurriedly done at first glance with important information such as the ordering process not easily visible.

We appreciate the inclusion of an online calculator, but we didn’t like the statistics part of the website that showed how many people ordered, came back, and total work done. We felt that such statistics could not be verified.  The overall services were pathetic.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of SpeedyPaper

  • Presence of an online calculator.
  • Offers samples of work done.

Cons Of SpeedyPaper

  • A cheap-looking website that lacks valuable information.
  • Send clients numerous spam emails.
  • Below average quality paper.
  • The writer doesn’t follow the instructions given.
  • No money back policy.


The company offers a plagiarism-free paper warranty and a money-back guarantee. They also promise customers three free revisions to perfect the issues with the paper. However, the company reserves the right to revoke these revisions if they feel you’re misusing them

Speedypaper.com may have indicated boldly on their website that they have a refund policy, but that is to reel you in. The company has the final word whether you get a full, partial, or no refund. Avoid them.

Types of services

The company offers three types of services; writing, proofreading, and editing. Under these three is a vast selection of writing solutions as listed below:

  • Course work
  • Article review
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Exam notes
  • Creative writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Essay writing

Types of services at SpeedyPaper

Online reputation

When reviewing Speedypaper.com, we noticed several positive reviews claiming that the website is the best homework writing service. But most of these ratings are fake due to the number of complaints online. One gentleman posted on Reddit.com that he had been cheated out of his money by getting his poorly done task two days after the deadline.

Other complaints were writers not following instructions, no refunds, and no help from the customer care services. We found this worrying, especially because some people threatened to report the website to Google authorities to get it removed from their index.

Online review on SpeedyPaper

How to order process

Speedypaper.com has a not so perfect ordering process which we’ll state below:

  • Sign up for the account using your Google or Facebook accounts or phone details.
  • Click now, then fill out the paper’s details such as the number of pages, subject, format, among other instructions
  • Select a pro or a top writer and fill out more details, such as the deadlines for your work and any other features you may want to include.
  • Review your order, then click ‘place an order’.
  • Pay for your paper
  • Supervise how your paper’s doing on the ‘orders’ part of the dashboard.

Ordering process at SpeedyPaper

Prices & Fees

The website offers its services at a minimum price of $9 per page. A quick search helps you know what to pay for the service you want. However, lower prices result in poor quality work. Reviews show that the company compromises the work quality for the price reduction, which is not a good trade-off.

Prices at SpeedyPaper

Paper Quality

The company is known for its quick work and compromised quality. Some clients complained of the writer completely missing what they were supposed to do. Amongst other things clients complained about was missed deadlines, poor formatting, and no refunds.

Some of the terms customers use to describe their services are ‘awful,’ ‘terrible,’ and ‘scam.’ Words that shouldn’t be associated with a website that claims to be an authority. That is also evidence that this company has no skilled writers.

Customer Support

The website offers a phone number, a messenger app, a chatbox, and email addresses. However, customers don’t get much help from the online chat because it is a bot. Their phone numbers also don’t go through, the customer service takes a long time to answer emails.

Customer support at SpeedyPaper

Offers and Discounts

Speedypaper.com offers a 10% discount for a new customer like many other writing companies.  We did not find any deals or offers for regular customers. Note that these discounts are not guaranteed as many previous clients have complained. Look at their online rating, and you’ll know this.

Offers and discounts at SpeedyPaper

Revision and Money Back Policy

As stated earlier, the website gives three free revisions but can be revoked at the company’s discretion, a move that’s unfair to the student. They also promise a money-back guarantee if the papers are not standard, but no client has come out to say they got a refund from the writing company.

Extra Features

Sadly, the only extra feature you get at SpeedyPaper.com is choosing between a pro and a top writer, with the top writer being the most advanced writers they have. The website doesn’t prioritize clients by being diverse in features. They only want your money.

Free features at SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper.com FAQ section:
What Is SpeedyPaper.com?

This is a website that focuses on academic writing services for students worldwide. 

Is SpeedyPaper Legit?

Speedypaper.com is not legit because they claim to deliver quality work but do the opposite.

Is SpeedyPaper Safe?

No. The company promises to issue a full refund if the work is done poorly but fails to keep its promise.

Is SpeedyPaper Reliable?

No. The company promises to issue a full refund if the work is done poorly but fails to keep its promise.

Is SpeedyPaper a Scam?

Based on our website study, we can conclude that it’s very close to being a scam.