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Students don’t have it easy these days. With the ever-increasing pressure arising from their studies, they constantly search the internet for the best homework writing service to help them with their assignments. Sadly, the essay writing services students’ get aren’t always what customers expect.

One company has had it rough despite its dissertation writing services claiming to be the best and authority in assignment writing services. This particular company had so many negative reviews that forced it to change its name. Keep reading this SweetStudy.com review to find out why SweetStudy.com may be one of the most disappointing homework writing companies on the internet and why you should stay away from them.

Service review

SweetStudy.com may not be a common name in the homework service business. However, you may recognize them by their infamous name HomeworkMaker.com as indicated at the top left corner of the site. When you visit the website for the first time, you feel that it’s not complete.

Several spaces on the homepage seem to be missing vital information, such as the type of services offered or a price calculator. The site is clear about the company’s lack of seriousness in what they claim to be skilled in. It won’t be a surprise if customers leave when they visit this website.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of SweetStudy

  • Easy ordering process
  • You can negotiate for better prices with the writer.

Cons Of SweetStudy

  • Horrible online reputation
  • No guarantees of any kind
  • Pathetic work quality
  • The company previously existed under a different name
  • Slow customer service


One of the reasons the site looks unfinished is the lack of any guarantees. For many writing companies, including guarantees such as plagiarism-free content or a money-back policy is necessary. This, however, is not the case for SweetStudy.com. There was no sign of any warranty or guarantee anywhere on the site.

Guarantees are the company’s way of showing you that they care about your assignment enough to issue you a refund if they don’t fulfill their promises. Therefore, having no guarantee means that the company is not worth your trust.

Types of services

SweetStudy.com is not like other homework writing services on the internet as they don’t offer the usual type of services. This website provides a platform where a student and a tutor can meet and discuss the assignment and the payment safely. Here are some of the services you can order from the site:

  • Dissertation papers
  • Book or movie reports
  • Literature reviews
  • Argumentative essays
  • Research papers
  • Cover letters
  • Case studies

Types of services at SweetStudy

Online reputation

As previously mentioned, SweetStudy.com was once HomeworkMaker.com. The name change was due to the company’s numerous negative reviews. A quick search on the internet while writing this SweetStudy.com dissertation review revealed almost no positive rating for the company.

Further research on these reviews indicated that any positive review was for the company while it existed with its last name. Reddit, however, had some comments about the company that was quite disturbing. With such a nasty online reputation, it’s no wonder the company changed its name to SweetStudy.com.

How to order process

This company does things differently from other websites meaning that its ordering process is also different. Here’s how to order a paper:

  • To sign up, provide your email account.
  • Put down the subject and explain your order.
  • Set a budget for your work.
  • Pick an expert writer.
  • Pay for the order.

Ordering process at SweetStudy

Prices & Fees

The website has no determined prices. There were assignments that a minimum of $7 had been agreed upon, meaning that the price is what you agree with your writer. While agreeing on a price with the expert is a welcome gesture, questions regarding the quality of the work done arise.

Additionally, the website charges a $0.90 handling fee on every payment made by a customer. Tutors get 75% of the money sent to them and a 5 to 10% fee for tutors holding a dispute regarding the work submitted.

Prices at SweetStudy

Paper Quality

Perhaps the primary reason the company had to change its name to SweetStudy.com is the quality of work delivered. During this review of SweetStudy.com, a one-page essay was ordered with a $6 budget. Once a skilled writer was picked through bidding, the work began. However, the paper was as expected, full of errors and plagiarized content.

Other customers experienced similar issues with writers. However, there was no effort from the company to make things better. There was also no way a refund would be issued since there was no money-back policy.

Customer Support

SweetStudy.com, similar to its predecessor, has no form of contact. Instead, a customer gets directed to a page where they send a ticket and wait for a response. The website also has a live chat option, but it only works on weekdays, and representatives are slow to respond.

Offers and Discounts

There were no offers or discounts seen during the making of this SweetStudy.com writing review. This website is not for you if you fancy regular discounts or offers.

Revision and Money Back Policy

The company offers no form of revisions, free or otherwise, meaning that you’re doomed to make your revisions once your papers have been delivered. As stated previously, SweetStudy.com does not have a money-back guarantee. Don’t expect a refund from this website when you’re dissatisfied with their services.

Extra Features

There are no additional extra features found on the website. The company offers answers to various questions raised for a fee. You can also join SweetStudy.com as a tutor and earn from the company.

SweetStudy.com FAQ section:
What Is SweetStudy.com?

SweetStudy.com is a controversial online assignment writing site that caters to students’ homework needs.

Is SweetStudy Legit?

No, SweetStudy.com does not have any service that would classify it as a legitimate service, from their work quality to lack of guarantees.

Is SweetStudy Safe?

The company does not offer any form of warranty or guarantee on its services, thus, making it unsafe.

Is SweetStudy Reliable?

No, SweetStudy.com does not outline its services clearly, nor does it deliver top-quality papers within the agreed deadline, thus unreliable.

Is SweetStudy a Scam?

Yes, this site is a scam. Please keep away from the site.