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Students are always searching for credible essay writing services on the internet. They turn to online reviews and trusted review sites for help. Unfortunately, many encounter fake review sites that influence them to make wrong decisions.
Our goal is to ensure that every student reading this article gets reliable information to help them make the right decision. This TakeMyOnlineClass.com review promises to be different from other TakeMyOnlineClass.com reviews out there; it is an honest and thorough view of our experience with the site. Let’s begin.

Service review

A visit to this assignment writing services website discloses a company that doesn’t look like an academic service website. The site seems unfinished and lacks critical information, such as the various writing services offered or an online calculator. Additionally, we did not see any display of their expert writers either.

Again, this site does not provide extra services such as a plagiarism checker or an originality report. Honestly, we aren’t sure whether this site offers what they claim. We saw this website as a red flag with unprofessional services.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of TakeMyOnlineClass

  • Fairly good-looking website

Cons Of TakeMyOnlineClass

  • No price list given
  • Annoying popup live chatbox
  • No guarantee given
  • Scam-like money back policy
  • The site lacks clear and critical information
  • Poor quality services
  • Appalling customer care service


Our TakeMyOnlineClass.com writing review revealed no mention of guarantees whatsoever. Customers are promised an A or B on their assignment or exam, failure to which they will issue a full refund though we cannot verify this claim. We also spotted online complaints of the website breaking their money-back guarantee.

The best homework writing service makes it a top priority to offer clients a warranty or guarantee to ensure high-quality results. Sadly, TakeMyOnlineClass.com fails to deliver or keep such promises. The lack of guarantees adds to the growing list of issues we have with this company.

Types of services

The writing company offers two services: online classes and homework writing services. According to their website, they have people who can take your class and do your exam. They also claim to have skilled writers from various fields of study; however, you don’t pick your preferred writer.

Here’s what they offer.

  • Algebra assignment help
  • Dissertation writing
  • Biology homework help
  • Political Science assignments
  • Essay writing
  • Language assignment help
  • Coursework

Types of services at TakeMyOnlineClass

Online reputation

Based on our experience so far, we were sure that the writing company had random negative ratings online; we were wrong! Trusted review sites such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot are littered with so many negative reviews that we changed our goal and started looking for other writing companies. We don’t think we’ve ever reviewed a company without a positive comment anywhere.

We also noticed poor writing services, lousy refund practices, and obscene customer service. One reviewer claimed that a customer care representative started using swear words and didn’t have his money refunded.  One may argue that some reviews are doctored, but we doubt anyone would fake this many negative reviews and ratings.

How to order process

TakeMyOnlineClass.com has an unusual way of ordering any service. The company claims that they don’t store any private information and that you’ll have to sign up every time you use their services. Here is the process:

  • Fill out your name, email, phone number details of what assistance you need.
  • Get a quote from an expert
  • Pay for the service first
  • Get the finished product

Prices & Fees

TakeMyOnlineClass.com doesn’t have an online calculator to help you figure out prices or a price list on their website. A customer has to rely on the quote given by the company. We find this worrying as students can’t know how much they need for the service.

We also read complaints of the company giving a quote then changing it before starting the task. Others claimed that the website went silent after receiving the money or didn’t receive a refund. We felt that this was a very sketchy practice, but we weren’t surprised.

Paper Quality

The website offers homework help, but you won’t get your money’s worth; they give out poor-quality work. Other complaints from the site include plagiarized work and missed deadlines. Clients have accused the company of going mute whenever somebody asks for a refund.

Customer Support

The customer support on the website is terrible. We sought a quote from the site, but we are yet to get one. The site also has an annoying popup live chat box that doesn’t help solve any issue.

They have no telephone numbers but call you about your quote. However, they also have been accused of spamming your phone number and being rude to customers. The poor customer service is a big issue we have with the site.

Offers and Discounts

In our review of TakeMyOnlineClass.com, we did not come across any minimum discounts or offers on the site. Don’t bother with the site if you’re looking for a company that saves you money and appreciates your work partnership.

Revision and Money Back Policy

Besides lacking offers, the company is unclear on how it handles revisions. If you don’t get an A or B on your essay, the company promises to refund your money 100%. However, we’re yet to see any person write that they got their money back from them

Extra Features

We did not find any added or unique features such as a plagiarism checker or a GPA calculator on the site, but we didn’t expect to see them anyway.

TakeMyOnlineClass.com FAQ section:
What Is TakeMyOnlineClass.com?

TakeMyOnlineClass.com is an academic help website that claims to help students take online classes or do their papers.

Is TakeMyOnlineClass Legit?

The site is not legit as they break all their policies. Check their rating to confirm this.

Is TakeMyOnlineClass Safe?

This website is not safe because they do not refund their clients. Your data is also not safe.

Is TakeMyOnlineClass Reliable?

No, TakeMyOnlineClass.com does not do what they claim to; they aren’t reliable.

Is TakeMyOnlineClass a Scam?

This website is a scam. From its homework writing reviews online, please keep away from it.