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Students in 2022 don’t have it easy. In addition to the many hours spent in classrooms preparing for proctored exams, they have to engage in extracurricular activities. Some people understand this and go ahead to offer dissertation writing companies to make some money on the side.

Whereas this is a noble thing, most academic paper writing services fail to deliver what they promise to their customers. These assignment writing companies claim to hire “expert” tutors or writers but what they want is your money; the papers they deliver are not what you want. This is the case with a dissertation writing services company known as Transtutors.

Service review

Trastutors is a company that acts as a link between students and tutors by offering a platform where both can interact; that’s what they purport to do. They reveal to have been around for a while and are an authority in the field. They also claim to have over one hundred combined hours of experience and that half a million students have accessed their website.

However, this is not the picture you get when you first visit the site. Apart from the misleading animations and the vaguely worded content, there isn’t much to go with. This website looks nothing like an academic service website.

To provide a credible Transtutors review, we searched for the site owners. The company claims to be in New York, but it’s actually in India, a discovery that surprised us.

Pros, Cons

Pros Of UKwritings

  • Several discount options are available

Cons Of UKwritings

  • Unflattering website
  • No critical information on the website
  • Unreliable customer service
  • Bad quality writing
  • Lack of a price list
  • Tricky subscription service
  • Horrible money-back policy


The site does not look like any homework writing service we’ve ever seen at first; there was no sign of guarantees on their homepage. If you scroll down to the terms and conditions option, they claim to offer a refund and review guarantees. However, they are so vague and poorly worded that anyone would think twice about hiring their services.

A warranty or guarantee might be the company’s way of promising top-notch service, but not at Transtutors. Please don’t take out words for it; read them yourself and see. Don’t expect them to guarantee quality papers.

Types of services

This company offers services in terms of questions and answers. Generally, they claim to provide solutions to different study questions you may have. Here’s what to expect.

  • Computer science
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • Humanities
  • Statistics
  • Management
  • Engineering

Types of services at Transtutors

Online reputation

After finding several faults with the website, we searched online for reliable Transtutors reviews. Based on the website’s credibility, we saw it fit not to believe their homework writing reviews. There were few reviews from TrustPilot, but they looked scripted.

However, upon searching for reviews widely, we noticed that the company had given discounts and coupons in exchange for positive reviews on several occasions. This is a huge red flag. gives the site a rating of 3.5, but it cannot be verified.

How to order process

The company does not explain the ordering process on their website, thus, prompting us to go back to the internet to search for the best essay writing reviews that could help out. Here’s the process one client used to order a paper.

  • Register for an account.
  • Pay for a subscription.
  • Send an email with the details of your paper.
  • Quote how much you’re willing to pay for the paper.
  • Discuss with a customer care agent and determine the final price of your paper.

Ordering process at Transtutors

Prices & Fees

The company offers a subscription service where you choose to pay for a weekly or a monthly subscription. The Weekly package is a minimum of $9.99, and the monthly box is $19.99. The company also offers writing services, but you need to chat with a support agent to get a price list.

Paper Quality

If you’ve never visited this site before, you’d think that they don’t offer any homework help. However, a brief chat with customer care agents reveals that they provide these services. However, the work delivered is inferior.

The company is fond of missing the proctorio exams deadline set. The papers delivered are also full of grammatical errors and, at times, plagiarized. The skilled writer might not follow the instructions given; based on the work quality, you’re better off doing your assignment.

Customer Support

The company offers email, phone number, WhatsApp, and instant messaging as its contact options. However, what they have in terms of variety, they lack quality. You’d be lucky to have your query sorted on any of these platforms given.


Offers and Discounts

The company offers several discounts and provides an opportunity to haggle for a better price. However, the values do little to help since the full service is not worth it.

Offers and discounts at Transtutors

Revision and Money Back Policy

The revision policy on the site states that you only have 15 days to claim for a revision; after that, you’re on your own. Additionally, this review of Transtutors can confirm that you will not get your revised paper on time since they’re vague on the revision timelines.

The company has a money-back policy that’s hard to enforce. They openly state that the expert help they provide is not real help from a professional. They also say that premium subscriptions are non-refundable.

Extra Features

The only extra feature worth mentioning in this Transtutors dissertation review is that the company offers money for any referral you bring on board. It sounds like the site wants many people to compromise.

Extra features at Transtutors FAQ section:
What Is is an online company that claims to offer tutor and assignment help to any student after subscription.

Is Transtutors Legit?

It is not a legitimate company; they are unclear about what they offer and deliver poor services.

Is Transtutors Safe?

The company is unsafe with no data or payment protection assurance or guarantees.

Is Transtutors Reliable?

No, they are unreliable and deliver high-quality academic services on time.

Is Transtutors a Scam?

Yes, Transtutors is a scam, avoid it.