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Students turn to homework writing services when they are overwhelmed by assignments. It helps them to rest or focus on other engagements. With many writing companies online, a student could be spoilt of choice. However, the biggest challenge is finding a legitimate writing service. Ultius.com review will help you understand the quality of work the company offers. The review also enables you to determine whether students who have used the services in the past got value for money. Here is the latest and most comprehensive of homework writing reviews to guide students when choosing writing services online.

Service review

Students look for expert helpers when hiring assignment writing services. Ultius.com on their part promise the best and most reliable writing services. The services include all types of academic writing as well as business writing help. The description on the profile makes you believe that you are working with one of the top writing companies.

A look at Ultius.com reviews reveals that you are working with scammers. The writers do not understand instructions. Their customer care services are pathetic. You do not get the quality of paper you would desire. It is an overall disappointing experience to work with Ultius.com.

Pros and Cons

One of the best ways to obtain quality dissertation writing help is to balance the pros and cons. The writers should demonstrate more advantages of hiring their services than not hiring them. Before you place your order, it appears as though the pros will outweigh the cons. As the deadline nears, you discover that the cons were more.


  • Ultius.com promises the best writing services.


  • Unfortunately, the writers do not follow instructions.
  • They also fail to format your paper, resulting in poor grades.
  • The writers promise to deliver the paper on time, only to disappoint you at the last minute.
  • It is the most disappointing experience you can imagine.


Ultius.com claims to offer a privacy guarantee. Once you interact with them, no one will ever get wind of the interaction. It also promises the best prices. At the same time, Ultius.com promises money back to customers who are dissatisfied with their quality of service. Unfortunately, the guarantee only exists on paper. Once you raise a complaint, no one will attend to your concern. It is a disappointing experience to work with Ultius.com.

Types of services

Ultius.com is a platform that connects customers and writers. It offers academic as well as business writing. It also offers editing and proofreading. Unfortunately, the platform has no mechanism to vet the clients or service providers. You end up with poor services. Other listed services are not provided on the platform. It is a disappointing experience working with Ultius.

Types of services at Ultius

Online reputation

A review of Ultius points at a company that has lost the trust of its clients. Customers are complaining about delayed delivery of essays, poor formatting, poorly researched topics, and plagiarized work. Ultius dissertation review directs you to avoid ordering your paper from this writing service.

How to order process

Each student desires minimal challenges when ordering papers online. The website also promises a seamless experience, especially to students ordering for the first time. Unfortunately, you are likely to get lost in ordering your paper online.

The website requires you to create an account. The process of entering personal details and those of the assignment you are ordering is tiring. You may even miss the deadline while filling in unnecessary details on the platform.

Ordering process at Ultius

Prices & Fees

Ultius.com promises the most affordable prices for all papers. It also advertises customized pricing where you pay for the paper you order. Unfortunately, you get an invoice with a lot of hidden fees. It is impossible to estimate the cost of the paper because of the complex system used.

Prices at Ultius

Paper Quality

Every student wants a quality paper. Ultius.com promises the same quality when advertising its services. Unfortunately, you do not enjoy the same quality. Some chapters could be missing or the topic could be wrong. You also run the risk of submitting plagiarized work. The company has a reputation for delivering poor quality work.

Customer Support

If you are looking for a customer support nightmare, Ultius.com will deliver. Many reviews of their services point at disappointed customers. The customer service team does not understand processes. They have problems tracing your papers. They also cannot reach your writer yet the deadline is fast approaching. The guarantees offered at the profile are meaningless.

Customer support at Ultius

Offers and Discounts

Offers and discounts are only meant to entice students. Once you order your paper, the discounts appear to evaporate. Even the warranty on originality disappears. It would receive the worst customer service rating.

Free features at Ultius

Revision and Money Back Policy

One of the features that capture your attention once you visit the site is the money back policy. It states that the company will refund your dues if you are not satisfied. This is a scam. There is no free revision or money back. You end up paying for revision and taking the paper to other writers for revision.

Extra Features

Ultius.com claims to be innovative. However, it has the most archaic features. It is a nightmare ordering your paper from the website.

Offers and discounts at Ultius

Ultius.com FAQ section:
What Is Ultius?

Ultius.com is a platform purporting to bring together excellent writers for students and business. Unfortunately, their writing services are disappointing.

Is Ultius Legit?

No! It makes promises that it cannot deliver. You will be disappointed ordering your paper from them.

Is Ultius Safe?

No! There is no guarantee that your data or finances will be safe when you transact with Ultius.com

Is Ultius Reliable?

No! You will miss the deadline and even submit a plagiarized paper.

Is Ultius a Scam?

Yes! The biggest scam purporting to be the best homework writing service.