What Are the Main Steps in Writing an Informative Essay?

Every piece of writing performs a particular purpose. As there are various types of essay writing, so do all of them address issues from distinct points of view. While the purpose of a descriptive essay is to describe an event or thing in a way that captures the imagination and interest of the reader, an informative essay performs the function of informing readers about a particular event or thing. That is to say, the purpose of an informative essay is to inform and reader’s interest creatively.

For creating informative articles, the first thing is to design a telltale format that informs the reader without boring them with information.

What is the First Step to Creating an Informative Essay?

Creating informative essays follows the same pattern of essay writing. In an informative article, you are required to start with an outline. The outline of an informative essay includes;

  • The Introduction
  • The Body
  • The conclusion

This form of article directories requires that your introduction and conclusion are not more than one paragraph long. Although on very rare occasions, the paragraph might extend to two.

When it comes to the body of your essay, drawing out another outline will help you in building up the article. Draft out all the points that will be included in your essay and use the outline to organize them in the manner they should appear.

How to Write Good Informative Article

Every form of creative work follows a particular pattern if the goal is to create something worthwhile; this also applies to essay writing.

For your informative essay, it should start with a well-researched highlight that piques the interest of the reader. This highlight should be the hook of your introduction. The hook should be interesting enough that it carries the reader through the entire article.

The next point is to follow up with background information that summarizes the introduction. Most informative essays are usually academic-inclined, therefore they will require an abstract. Your abstract should be able to provide an overview of the entire information that will be spread across the essay.

Another thing to note about a good informative essay is that it also contains statistics and references that help to buttress points.

First Step in Drafting an Informative Abstract

For the abstract of your informative essay, it should include the following things;

  • An Issue
  • A Background
  • Writing Method
  • The objective of the Essay
  • Result
  • Conclusion

These are the 6 important things every abstract should contain. The issue contains only a sentence that highlights a problem on the informative topic of discourse. The background sets a context for the essay, the objective outlines the purpose of the essay, the method highlights the process of achieving the information in the essay, the result states the findings obtained through thorough research, and the conclusion summarizes the abstract.

Abstracts are important in informative essays because it’s the learning first step in any well-written essay.

Creating the Body of an Informative Essay

The body of your essay is as important as every other part of the essay and therefore, it requires as much attention and precision as the introduction and the abstract. The body of your informative essay is the “flesh” of your essay. While the introduction and abstract inform the reader whether they should continue reading or not, the body shows if the reader will be interested enough to read through your article.

Break down your points/ideas into paragraphs. Each new point introduced in your essay should start with a separate paragraph not exceeding 4 sentences in one.

To properly synchronize your points, use an outline to draft them out and gradually place them in a logical sequence. An essay placed in this format makes for seamless reading.

What is the Last Phase of Writing an Informative Essay?

The last phase of writing an informative essay is the revision and editing stage.

The first step in creating an informative essay is having to arrange the points and facts logically using a step-by-step process. But, this can be impossible to achieve especially when it is still the first draft.

To properly organize your informative essay to contain all the bullet points seamlessly, you will have to revise your first draft, edit some points and readjust words to fit. The last phase just involves organizing your essay into a finished work for easier, interesting, and informative readability.

Importance of Writing Good Articles

Badly written articles are the bane of every reader. Articles should be interesting enough to keep a reader reading. Aside from this, there is some other importance of writing good articles.

  • Readability: A well-written article makes for easier readability and attracts more readers.
  • A well-written article offers substance to the reader and enriches their mind.
  • It provides readers with well-researched information.

Informative essays require a lot of attention and research when writing. Since the purpose is to captivate the reader’s interest while feeding them with relevant information, it must follow a pattern of writing that makes this realizable.